Posted by: arief | November 24, 2008

Umbul Sidomukti, Swimming Pool in The Sky

 sidomukti1Bandungan was known as a hill resort as Kaliurang at Jogja, and Tawangmangu at Karanganyar, Indonesia. They have same history either for their built. They’re prepared for the Dutch Officer while the Dutch colonize Indonesia as a hill resort for the leisure place.

The interesting thing was there is one place built now near Bandungan, Ungaran, Central Java as a water recreation north of Bandungan. The place named “Umbul Sidomukti”. Yes, it was umbul; umbul was the Javanese term for the natural spring that spouts off of the ground. Here, the spring’s flow out over the years, better dry or rainy season. People believe that the water from here can make ageless. The name of the spring was “Ngetihan” spring, but because of the location, it’s now named Umbul Sidomukti.

sidomukti3The spring was located at Sidomukti, Bandungan, Semarang, of Central Java, Indonesia. You can reach by Ambarawa – Bandungan – Jimbaran Market – Sidomukti or by Lemah Abang (Ambarawa-Semarang road) – Jimbaran Market – Sidomukti. This point was built on the slope of Mount Ungaran. The road till the Jimbaran Market was good, but the route to Sidomukti was so tight with bad asphalt. We suggest you ride the motorcycle to go here, because you will out of the stuck on the road because it can’t take in two cars side by side. May be it will take 2 km from Jimbaran to get in the Umbul Sidomukti area.

The ticket to enter the parking lot was just Rp 1.000, – but if you wish to enter the water area, you ought to buy The Rp 8.000 tickets. The unique of these pools were because it’s built at the tip of the high slope. From the edges of this pool, you can see the beautiful panoramic scenes, the pines woods, the river from this spring that twisting as a snake, and the city of Ungaran far away. From center of the pool, you just see the edges and the blue sky, so you will feel brings as in the sky itself, the pools of the sky.

The pools were built using traditional concept. The bottom and the wall were from the stack natural stones. The concept was minimize and for the made freshness feeling of the visitors. The shape of the pool was not stiff but made follow the land contour of the slope, there wasn’t corner in the poll, what a unique shape. The pools was built stairs same as the grandstand for the family join the fun. The entire site has open view to the valley.

Beside the main interest point, the pool, There are another fun facility here. They’re Flying fox, camping ground, Sky Bridge, rappelling, river trekking, and outbound arena. This additional facility was still in development progress. In the master plan of this area, Guest house, Agro tourism, forest tourism, and learning centre will be built over this area. What a great modern hill resort will be found here if the plan goes as the master.

It’s better for you to visit Bandungan Market too, because you will find fresh vegetables and fruits here with cheap price of course. Bandungan was famed with its special fruit either named Klengkeng.kelengkeng1 Almost years there is these fruit found here, of course with different price with the seasons of the fruit. Klengkeng’s season was on January, with the price about Rp. 3.000,- – 5.000,-/kg. So…, when you will visit these place? Quickly and find a fresh water, air and panorama here. Make fresh your soul and enjoy a little heaven here.


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